Born and raised in Brazil, Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto moved to the US in January, 2000. Ninja teaches Capoeira based on the premise that physical activities, sports, dance, music, and other forms of art can affect one's mind and body in a positive manner. It is well-established that through physical activities people are able to lower their anxiety levels, change mood states, and improve self-esteem, self-concept, and much more.


Through teaching Capoeira his objective is to mark people's lives positively, always believing that as students learn how to use their body in a wide variety of ways and improve their awareness of themselves, they become mentally and physically stronger and self-confident.


After getting a Bachelor of Science from Saint Mary University, Luis founded the Brazil Academy in Lenexa, a martial arts/dance center. Luis also leads the Brasilcultura group doing cultural performances and workshops throughout the KC metro area.


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