Kansas City Arts Partners



The Arts Partners program combines the high-quality programs of Kansas City Young Audiences with educational resources of Kansas City's best arts organizations to enhance the education of students.

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Two principles guide the Arts Partners program:

  • Children succeed when schools make the arts integral to basic education.
  • Every child deserves equal access to the arts.


Why join Arts Partners?

  • Specific attention of a trained coordinator to help you pick the best programs for every grade level
  • Simplicity and efficiency of installment billing
  • Preferred scheduling 




"We believe Arts Partners is one of the primary opportunities
for underserved children to experience the richness of
Kansas City’s wonderful arts organizations.  Kids can
experience beautiful music and a variety of outstanding
theatre, puppetry, storytelling and also incredible paintings
and sculpture. These programs bring life to children’s studies
and will bring memorable activities that strengthen knowledge
like math, science and English."

Robert L. Bloch - Program Officer, H&R Block Foundation


For more information, please contact Jenny Ruark, Arts Partners Coordinator at 816.531.4022 ext. 1009.



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