Jane Christison


Janie Next Door® is also known as accordionist, singer, songwriter, Jane Christison.  Jane’s newest musical venture is writing children’s songs and performing as Janie Next Door® in upbeat, entertaining, interactive, live musical programs for children at preschools, elementary school concerts, festivals, libraries, birthday parties and other special occasions.  Kids, teachers and parents are encouraged to sing along, march, clap hands in time to the music, dance and take part in the fun of a live musical performance.  Janie’s smile and enthusiasm are contagious, and her original songs are so catchy that they’ll stick in your head, and you won’t want them to leave!


Her debut CD, ”Come Sing Along with Janie Next Door™,” has received multiple awards:
• Reviewed by School Library Journal, March, 2013
• Creative Child 2013 CD of the Year – Kids Sing & Dance CD’s
• Family-Approved by the Dove Foundation
• Approved by Parents’ Choice
• Recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award
• Winner of a Tillywig Toy & Media Sterling Fun Award


Jane studied accordion with Joan Cochran Sommers at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in accordion performance. Jane is known for her Music With A Smile®, playing and singing many styles of music. She is the owner of Music With A Smile Productions, LLC, which produces her CD’s and videos.


As a member of the UMKC Accordionaires, Jane traveled and performed with USO Shows in the Far East, playing at military bases in Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan, the Philippines and Guam. A second USO tour took her to the Azores and Germany. As a member of the UMKC Accordion Orchestra, Jane has performed in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Scotland, Sweden, Russian, Estonia, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Italy.


Jane is a member of:
• The American Federation of Musicians
• Sigma Alpha Iota, professional fraternity for women in the field of music,
• The Children’s Music Network.


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