Jaisson Taylor


C. Jaisson H. Taylor lives in the Kansas City area, with its rich musical heritage. He has used these influences to further his musical aspirations. This journeyman musician has taken advantage of many opportunities to play around the world, visiting Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America and even the North Pole. These experiences permeate every rhythm he plays.


A love of children guides his forays into education and music therapy. Through a long relationship with Kansas City Young Audiences, Jaisson continues to help influence the musical growth of area youth, through a variety of programs. He has created an interactive approach to teaching young people. The Urban Bucket Brigade Boot Camp is one of the popular programs being offered in area schools. Crittenden Children Center and Marillac Center for Children often contract the UBBBC to help heal the damaged spirits of the children and adolescents they serve. Jaisson continues to pursue music as a career. His release “Three Steps from La La” with Ernest James Zydeco garnered music industry interest. Downbeat Magazine called the 2012 release “Soaring, Passionate and Fun”. Jaisson co–produced and co-wrote all of the songs on this exciting record. Jaisson continues to record and perform with a variety of acts in the region that add to the vibrant music scene that has spawned many award winning acts on the national stage. 


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