Myrna Minnis


Myrna Minnis has been inspiring children through classes in clay since 2002. Myrna holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University and a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas.


With the encouragement of parents, kids, and teachers, Myrna created the Oogly kit in 1989. These kits are used as a tool by counselors and therapists for clients to express their emotions, poems, and stories through their Oogly characters.


“Using clay sculpture, I hope to reveal my mystical, spiritual, and inner feelings of fantasy and to provide other people the opportunity to access, in a worthy way, their own creative potential and uniqueness,” Myrna’s mission statement declares. In 2000, Myrna was honored as Kansas Educator of the Year in Arts & Disabilities by Accessible Arts, Inc. and the Kansas State Board of Education.


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