Lem Sheppard

The US Embassy in Brazil referred to Lemuel as “The perfect touring artist, talented, flexible, knowledgeable of his own culture and interested in others." The Eisteddfod International Music Festival in South Africa referred to Lemuel as “An example in international and inter-cultural relations". He has been performing American Folk music on concert stages, schools, and festivals for over twenty five years. From little mountain top villages and towns nestled along the rivers that chase them down the valley into the foot hills, suburbs scattered neatly by the beltways, in gritty urban cores all over America, audiences are left with the feeling that Lemuel Sheppard is one of them.

His artistic journey is just as varied as the roads he has traveled across the US and around the world. Growing up in Kansas City’s rich Blues and Jazz environment was such an influence on him that he enrolled in college to get a music degree, even though he had never read a note of music or ever taken a music class. Still undaunted, he joined the Eva Jessey Choir in college having never sang before. As a testament to his natural musical ability, he learned classical virtuoso pieces on tenor saxophone, became a soloist in the choir, and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Music Theory and Composition.

Programs Offered:
Blues in Concert: Music from the Harlem Renaissance

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