Live Virtual Programs


Our teaching artists come to you… via Zoom!


We’re offering a variety of performances, workshops and residencies via Zoom (or similar video conferencing software). As most of us know, this type of platform allows for real-time interactions, questions, and conversations that are at the heart of our typical in-person programs.


Live Virtual Programs are programs that occur at a set time via Zoom or other video conferencing software. These synchronous programs can occur with students remotely (logging on from their homes) or presented to students gathered in a classroom.


We also offer for Pre-Recorded Virtual Programs.



To book these Live Virtual Programs:


1. Decide which program(s) you want from the list below. Follow the links for pricing and other information.


2. Email the programming team at or call 816.531.4022 x1009 with the following information.

  • Program name
  • How many students will participate?
  • What are their grade levels?
  • When would you like to schedule the program?


3. Send KCYA the Zoom (or other) meeting link. You can choose to have students join the program from their homes or gathered together in your classroom.





Fire in the Soul

with Lit-Hop, Ink. (grades PK-12)


Learn how to combat bullying and overcome heartbreak and other difficulties in this spoken word concert. Lots of interaction and movement to help students become the best version of themselves. The performance can be paired with the workshop, Writes of Passage.



Inspirational Hip Hop Assembly 

with Lit-Hop, Ink. (grades PK-12)


Students will learn how to improve the school culture by engaging with movement and voice in a concert experience. The destructive nature of bullying is examined as well as the power of friendship and respect. This performance can be paired with the workshop, Writes of Passage.


Respect the Rhythm in You 

with Jim Cosgrove (grades PK-6)


Your students will learn about their personal rhythm and how to respect others in this interactive character education program. Students identify three specific ways they can exemplify respect in their communities.


The Rhythm of Emotions 

with Jim Cosgrove (grades K-2, 3-5)


Engaging songs and storytelling highlight this Mr. Stinky Feet performance experience. Students will identify emotions and skillful ways to process them through self-awareness and being a good listener.



Workshops (+ also available as residencies)

Maximum number of student participants in a virtual workshop is 15.



Act Like An Animal

with Diane Bulan (grades 2-6)


Students will learn about ecosystems and the balance of nature in this highly interactive and engaging workshop. Using acting and improvisational skills students will demonstrate how animals and other living things interact.



Anansi the Spider 

with Harlan Brownlee (grades K-3)


Students will use their bodies to tell the classic tale of Anansi. Using the ideas of motif and variation, students will explore different ways to move the shapes, and will share their version with classmates.



Biome Boogie: The Tropical Rainforest

with Harlan Brownlee (grades K-3)


Students explore with creative movement the Tropical Rain Forest. They create a short dance that demonstrates their understanding of the relationships between the plants and animals of the Tropical Rain Forest.



The Giving Tree 

with Harlan Brownlee (grades K-2)


Students will interpret the words and images of The Giving Tree using dance. They will explore the similarities between how authors and choreographers create their work.



Make Good Choices with Junie B. Jones (residency only) 

with Kim Ratliff (grades K-2)


Students will incorporate Social Emotional Learning standards to foster positive relationships, build classroom community, and more. Focusing on various Junie B. Jones books, students will learn how to manage their emotions and feelings.



Minding your SELs

with Harlan Brownlee (grades 2-5)


Students are taught to calm their bodies, focus their minds, and balance their emotions. They will create dances based on emotional states, individual responsibility, and more.



Professor I-Drop, The Juggling Scientist 

with Jay Cady (grades 3-6) 


Jay Cady combines a love of science with circus skills in this lively, engaging workshop.  Topics include accomplishments of famous scientists, hypotheses, kinetic and potential energy.  Students gain problem-solving skills when they are challenged to make up experiments to solve the "Mystery of the Four Boxes".



Simple Machines- Bodies at Work

with Harlan Brownlee (grades K-5)


This workshop helps students experience and understand the forces at work in simple machines. Students will learn about wheels, gears, pulleys, levers, inclined planes, wedges, and screws in this dance workshop.



STEM + Arts Integration 

with Various Artists (grades K-5)


In this residency various teaching artists present STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, and math) using dance, theatre, visual arts, or creative writing. By integrating dance into STEM curriculum, students build 21st century skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills.



The Very Creative Classroom: Eric Carle (residency only) 

with Kim Ratliff (grades PK-2)


Students will learn to express and understand their emotions while developing a love of literature. Through dramatic storytelling students will learn creative lessons they will always remember!



Weather on the Move

with Harlan Brownlee (grades 2-6)


Students will learn the fundamentals of weather phenomena through the use of their bodies and movement. Focusing on clouds, the workshop uses dance to introduce information about cloud formations in the atmosphere.



Writes of Passage 

with Lit-Hop, Ink. (grades 3-12)


Students will learn about lyric writing and music composition, and how to model a safe, collaborative environment in their schools and the world. This workshop can be paired with performances from Lit-Hop, Ink. (Fire in the Soul! or Inspirational Hip Hop Assembly Performance).



You Don't Say: A Mime Workshop 

with Jay and Leslie (grades 2-6)


Students will learn the basics of the art of mime and entertain each other by creating mime illusions and relating simple stories. This workshop lets students explore this mode of expression in an engaging and supportive atmosphere.



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