STEM + Arts Integration Residencies


Arts integration is an approach to teaching that uses the fine and performing arts (visual arts, theatre, music, dance) as pathways to learning. Beyond utilizing the arts as an engagement technique, arts integration blends the academic STEM content with an art form to increase student knowledge and understanding. And students love it!


Our STEM + Arts Residencies (virtual or in-person) are highly-customizable to meet your individual classroom needs. Most residencies include 4-8 sessions that can occur once a week or more frequently, as desired.


The following Teaching Artists offer STEM + Arts Residencies. Learn more about their ever expanding content areas.


Austin Meyer - theatre
Bobbi Foudree - dance
Diane Bulan - theatre
Harlan Brownlee - dance
Jaime Lyon - visual arts
Jaisson Taylor - music, drumming 
Jamie Root - visual arts 
Jay and Leslie - theatre
Larry Greer - theatre
Paige Ahlenius - visual arts
Priest Hughes - theatre, poetry


Email or call 816-531-4022 for more information.