Building Protocols for CSA Students and Families


We are excited to have kids and teaching artists in our classrooms learning and creating together. We know that the Kansas City Young Audiences community is dedicated to having a safe and healthy environment, and we appreciate everyone doing their part. KCYA has outlined here the steps that we will be taking to mitigate the risk of illness while in our building.


Thank you in advance for following our safety protocols.



Update 7/15/22


The CDC has raised the Covid community spread level in Jackson County to HIGH or RED. Therefore, effective immediately, until further notice, all students, interns, teaching artists, and staff are required to wear masks in the building. This will also apply to all visitors who plan to attend the end of camp sharing on Friday. 


We’ve followed the CDC guidance since the pandemic began and we will continue to do so. Find additional information here: 




Health Policies:

  • Please remember that we have a community-wide responsibility to adhere to our health and safety protocols for 2021-22. Families are asked to monitor their household members for symptoms, including fever, and avoid sending children who are ill to class. 
  • We are directing staff members who are not feeling well to avoid coming to the building as well, and are preparing a long list of substitutes to avoid any interruptions to the class schedule.



Exposure to Covid-19: 

If you were exposed to someone with Covid-19

If you: have been boosted or

Completed the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine within the last 6 months or

Completed the J & J vaccine within the last 2 months

Do not need to quarantine.


Monitor for symptoms; get tested on day 5 and

Wear a mask around other people for 10 days


If you develop symptoms, get a test and isolate.



If you: completed the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine over 6 months ago and are not boosted or


Completed the J & J vaccine more than 2 months ago and are not boosted or


Are unvaccinated




Stay home for 5 days.


Continue to wear a mask around others for 5 additional days.


Monitor for symptoms; get tested on day 5 and


If you develop symptoms, get a test and isolate.

updated 1/10/22



Positive Covid-19 Test:

If you test positive for Covid-19


Everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

Stay home for at least 5 days.


If you have no symptoms or symptoms are resolving (no fever for 24 hours and other symptoms are improved) after at least 5 days you can leave your house.

Continue to wear a mask around others for 5 additional days.

updated 1/10/22



If we have a confirmed positive case in our building,

  • KCYA will notify (by email) all student families, and teaching artists that may have been in contact with the confirmed positive person in our ongoing effort to be transparent and forthcoming with information related to the pandemic.
  • KCYA will continue to follow all Kansas City Health Department protocols for reporting and contract tracing.




KCYA will no longer complete a health screen or temperature check upon arrival to the building. We ask that you do not bring your child to class if they are exhibiting any symptoms of illness and reserve the right to check the temperature of any person with visible symptoms.

*updated 3/8/2022



KCYA will no longer restrict the number of guests in the building, however we still encourage some social distancing. (In particular, please limit gathering outside of Dance Studio 2 to one person per dancer; additional family members should wait in the Family Lounge or Auditorium.) 

*updated 3/8/2022




  • We continue to follow the guidance and recommendations of the CDC and our local health department. Based on the current lower level of community spread, KCYA has updated our building protocols – masks are now recommended, but not required.
  • Lear more at the CDC COVID data tracker

*updated 4/13/2022



Physical Distancing:

  • We are establishing procedures to accommodate appropriate physical distancing throughout our building. This includes evaluating all spaces to determine the most effective way to create safe classrooms, offices and common areas with appropriate spacing, staggering start times and limited class sizes.
  • The number of students in each class will be based on the physical size of the classroom.
  • Students should plan to arrive dressed for class (except for dance shoes, or other clothing items as directed by your teacher) and will be expected to keep all their belongings together in an individual bag or backpack.
  • We will also limit the number of individuals in restrooms.



Handwashing, Sanitizing and Cleaning:

  • Frequent and effective handwashing will be encouraged.
  • Sanitizing stations, will be placed at all entrances, common areas and classrooms. Hand sanitization will be required upon each entry to the building and prior to being dismissed.
  • Throughout the day, our teaching artists and staff will be frequently cleaning common areas and high-touch points such as door handles and ballet barres. 
  • Many soft surface items, such as furniture and rugs, have been removed or are restricted.



Sharing Supplies:

  • Wherever possible, students will bring or be provided their own set of materials to avoid sharing.
  • Students should arrive with a pre-filled water bottle as we will restrict the use of the water fountain and kitchen to staff only.



Drop Off: 


  • Students can either walk themselves or be escorted by a parent/guardian to the building entrance.
  • Students may go directly to their class or, if early, may wait in the Family Lounge. Parents/guardians may wait inside until class dismissal. 
  • Students may arrive as early as 10 minutes before their class start time.
  • Masks must be worn at all times; no eating or drinking inside the building. (If weather is nice, you are welcome to picnic on the deck before you enter the building.)   


updated 3/8/2022



Pick Up:


  • Parents/guardians of children ages up to 10 years should be near the classroom door at dismissal time to escort your student out of the building.
  • Parents/guardians of children 11 and older may meet near the classroom door, in the Family Lounge, at the building entrance/exit, or you may choose to meet your child in the parking lot at dismissal time. Please make sure your child knows where to meet you. For their safety, students will not be allowed to wait outside. 
  • Students must be picked up within ten minutes of their class ending time. If you know you will be late, please give us a call.
  • KCYA staff will be at the entrance/exit of the building to assist students as needed.


edited 11/10/21



Performances and Showcases:

We are exploring possible options for performances and showcases. Communication about plans will be announced in classes and via email. 


As always, we welcome your feedback or comments, please email 


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