Fun with Green Screen

a FREE digiSTORY KC workshop


Wednesday, May 8, 2024 

6:00 - 7:30 p.m.


Learn how to create amazing special effects using chroma key technology!


Audience: This workshop is available for students in grades 3 - 12.


Register: As part of Kansas City's REMAKE LEARNING DAYS, digiSTORY KC is making this workshop available at no charge for the first 25 students who register. 




What you will learn and do:


  • Learn how to create amazing special effects using chroma key technology. Replace the green background of your photo or video with fun places and objects that defy reality. You will understand how this process works and will learn how to use a green screen app on your smart phone or digital device.


  • Chroma-key technology, often referred to as “green screen” technology is often used by photographers and video producers to replace a green background with a more interesting background or activity.  This workshop starts with a lesson on the science of green screen and then shows participants how to use the DoInk or KineMaster app on their smart phone to replace the green backgrounds of their own photos.  Interesting backgrounds are provided by digiSTORY KC on a Google Drive folder. As time allows, participants can show their composited pictures to the group. Parents should feel free to participate with the student during the workshop.


  • Participants will need to make these preparations in advance of the session: 1. download either the DoInk app ($4.99) or the KineMaster app (free), and 2. secure access to digiSTORY KC’s Google Drive folder with photos for the workshop. Further information is provided in the confirmation message you will receive after registering for this workshop.



We are proud to present this performance in conjunction with Remake Learning Days KC!