KCYA Partners With Destination Imagination to Support Youth Arts Education 


For thousands of students participating in Destination Imagination, the next stage of the youth education program will take them to Kansas City, Missouri. And with KCYA involved, you know students will enjoy arts education experiences, too.


An international nonprofit dedicated to empowering creative innovation in youth, Destination Imagination has selected Kansas City to host its 2019 and 2020 Global Finals events. At Global Finals, qualifying students present their solutions to Challenges in STEAM fields: Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. 


Kansas City Young Audiences (KCYA) has a role to play in this new partnership. During Global Finals May 22 - 25, students can participate in a variety of educational workshops offered by many of KCYA’s teaching artists. Our teaching artists will lead students in hands-on STEAM activities ranging from visual arts to stage combat. 


What is Destination Imagination?


Destination Imagination goes beyond STEM and arts education in schools. Destination Imagination believes that student learning should be "hands-on, collaborative and fun." 


It fosters students' natural creativity, encourages leadership skills, promotes collaboration, and provides creative problem-solving experiences. This is all accomplished in an environment of positivity and creativity, framed within service learning and arts education. According to Destination Imagination, the program has provided educational experiences to more than one million students across the world.


Teams select a predefined STEAM Challenge from Destination Imagination. Working together, the students develop a solution to the Challenge. They may use props, sets, and costumes as needed. The teams then present their solutions at Tournaments, leading to the state level. Teams who advance then qualify to attend Global Finals.


What is the Global Finals Event? 


Global Finals draws student teams from more than 14 countries to celebrate their creativity and hard work. Over the span of four days, Global Finals marks the last Tournament of the year. 


This year, the event will be held at Kansas City Convention Center (KCCC). There, student teams will present their solutions once more. Participants can attend workshops to try new STEAM-focused activities. Other events include a welcome parade, movie night, live music, programs for educators, and an awards presentation. 


What Role Will Kansas City Young Audiences Play?


As an active organization leading youth arts education in Kansas City, KCYA is thrilled to join and support Global Finals. KCYA teaching artists will conduct the STEAM workshops for Global Final attendees, continuing our tradition of arts instruction in a new and exciting venue. Students can select activities including stage combat, hip-hop, visual arts, musical theater, and more.


KCYA teaching artist John Mulvey will bring his improvisational acting experience to lead an arts education workshop. "I’m looking forward to working with the Destination Imagination students to help them get in touch with their sixth sense: their sense of humor," Mulvey notes. "Recognizing that laughter is a universal language, I hope to help kids tap into their sense of humor and to collaborate, have fun, create characters, and share ideas in a safe environment.” 


How Does Global Finals Impact Kansas City Arts Education?


For Kansas City, Global Finals offers an opportunity to showcase the vibrancy of our city. It will allow KC to grow through arts education partnerships and to support a new generation of artists and innovators. The event is estimated to bring over 17,000 total attendees from over 14 countries to Kansas City, making it the largest convention booked at  the Kansas City Convention Center (KCCC) since 2008. 


"The opportunity to host the Destination Imagination Global Finals is a real coup for Kansas City," says Martin English, KCYA Executive Director. "Thousands of enthusiastic students from around the world will experience our city and all it has to offer; including outstanding KCYA teaching artists. We are thrilled to be providing more than 100 arts workshops for Destination Imagination students which will engage them and enrich their experience while they're here."


Welcome to Kansas City, Destination Imagination participants. 


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