STEAM Residency Project

A KC STEM Alliance and Kansas City Young Audiences Collaboration


Throughout the school year our STEAM Residency Project, now in its 4th year, was humming along nicely. Twenty-five Kansas and Missouri classrooms learned about science, technology, engineering, and math through arts integration. Using their respective art forms, teaching artists visited the classrooms at least 7 times over the semester, reaching more than 600 students. These residencies helped students learn about the water cycle, computer coding, infectious diseases, and other topics. This project is made possible by the generous donations of our funders, DST Systems and Francis Family Foundation.


Belinder Elementary


At Belinder Elementary in the Shawnee Mission School District, theatre teaching artist Larry Greer worked with STEM Lab teacher Emily Cline. Emily’s third graders were studying flight and learning about lift, thrust, and drag. By integrating theatre arts into the lessons, students demonstrated their mastery of the concepts by creating a commercial to advertise the Belinder School of Aviation. Watch their commercial below:




Teacher Feedback:

              "I think the whole project was an AHA moment.
               At first I was worried because my class is very energetic.
               For me having someone come in and take control was
               hard, but the transition was fluid and quick. It ended up being
               a lot more fun to team-teach in this residency than I thought!"  
                     - Teacher, Lillian Schumacher Elementary

                "In so many of the students in this group, you saw learning
                happening! When I shared with teachers they would respond
                –but he can’t read! He is learning so much, and he had the
                 opportunity to show it!" – Teacher, McKinley Elementary



New Expansion for the 2019-2020 School Year


We are thrilled to announce that KCYA has been awarded a new grant from American Express to provide Arts + STEM programming in the after-school setting in the 2019-2020 school year. We are especially excited to partner with the Local Investment Commission (LINC) and look forward to working with them to serve 9 of their after-school sites with in-depth residencies designed to reinforce classroom learning in fresh and creative ways.