STEAM Residency Project




These residency programs pair KCYA professional teaching artists with classroom teachers to present science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum (STEM). The programs integrate the arts into the nationally-recognized Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum at the elementary school level. PLTW has been providing an elective, STEM-centered curriculum to high schools for several years and recently created an elementary level STEM curriculum entitled, LAUNCH. By using the arts to learn STEM curriculum, students built critical thinking and problem-solving skills.



The Residencies consist of:


1 Professional Development Session 

During this hands-on session, classroom teachers will work alongside professional teaching artists. Together you will explore and practice different ways to use the arts to teach STEM lessons. Presenters will include teacher/ teaching artist pairs who have participated in previous STEAM residency projects. You will leave this interactive and informative session with specific ideas on how to integrate the arts into PLTW Launch and other STEM curriculum lesson plans.


4 Hours of Planning Time with the Teaching Artist and Team 

These planning sessions between you, your partner teaching artist, and a KCYA or KC STEM staff member, will help you plan which specific Launch modules will be taught or reinforced through arts integration.


7 Classroom Visits by the Teaching Artist 

Your partner teaching artist will come to class to teach or co-teach with you the specific PLTW Launch/ STEM lessons you’ve chosen for integration. These sessions will be customized based on your needs, interests, and experience.


1 Exit Interview with Project Evaluator

Teacher and Teaching Artist will have one final meeting to reflect on the project and assist the KC STEM Alliance and KCYA in project evaluation and future planning.


"When Jay did the intro with the kids, I thought,
'That's really cool. they're having so much fun!' It hit them.
They see how we took those elements he taught them with
miming and used their bodies to build simple machines.
For us it's not just a cool fun thing. It's actually a way for them
to learn and make those connections."

Emily Flynn, Librarian, East Antioch Elementary




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