Dance Classes for Kids in Kansas City

The Spring Session: January 27th - May 2nd




Many families may qualify for Scholarship Assistance to help with class fees. 
Be sure to call 816.531.4022 if you have any questions.



"Our goal is to ensure all CSA dance students develop their love of dance! We value the overall well-being of each and every student and strive to incorporate important life skills and learning experiences into all of our dance classes."  - Miss Kim, Head of the Dance Department



Spring Session Dance Class Schedule:


PM Studio I Studio II Studio I Studio II Studio I Studio II Studio I Studio II Studio I Studio II   Studio I Studio II
3:45                     8:30    
4:00                     8:45   Parent & Me
Creative Movement
4:15   Pre-Ballet       Tap / Jazz 
Combo III
4:30 Ballet VI Ballet III A
and III B
Ballet II Ballet III B   Ballet V
and VI
Tumbling &
Acro Arts
4:45   9:30 Parent & Me
5:00 Ballet I   9:45
5:15 Jazz I Tiny Tap /
Jazz Combo
Hip Hop I 10:00
5:30 Ballet V
and VI
Tumbling &
Acro Arts
10:15 Pre-Ballet Tiny Hip Hop
5:45 Ballet IV
and V
Ballet IV 10:30
6:00 Main Street
Hip Hop I
and II
Tap / Jazz
Combo I
Modern 10:45
6:15 Jazz II Hip Hop II 11:00 Ballet I Hip Hop/
Jazz Combo
6:30   11:15
6:45   11:30
7:00   Main Street
Dance Crew
    Tap / Jazz
Combo II
7:15   Lyrical     Hip Hop III     12:00 Ballet II  
7:30           12:15  
7:45           12:30  
8:00                 12:45  
8:15                     1:00    



After the Spring Session, dancers will be invited to participate in either the Tiny Dancer Showcase (for 3-5 year olds) or the Spring Dance Performance. The Spring Dance Performance involves 3 weeks of rehearsal (after the session) and typically takes place at Rockhurst High School Rose Auditorium. Learn more here.


CSA Dance Class Attire



Both of my girls love dancing and learning ballet at Kansas City
Young Audiences. I love how much they look forward to class
and also the life skills they are learning - poise, discipline,
endurance, strength and beauty, inside and out. I would highly
recommend KCYA and we LOVE the new space. - CSA Parent



All enrollments are processed online through Active Camp and Class Manager. There is a smal (4%) fee added to the class costs to cover part of the administration fees.