Meet our Board of Directors


We asked our Board to tell us a little more about themselves and
why they volunteer their time and talents to KCYA. Here's what they had to say:



Jim Dunn, Chair

JDA Communications President


Saw Alvin Ailey's Wade in the Water with Judith Jameson and it changed my life.


Why do you support KCYA?

Every child deserves their chance to be inspired by the arts. KCYA gives them that chance.


Chad Rau, Chair-Elect

Community Volunteer


Why do you support KCYA?

Art at a young age is about planting seeds, watering the ground, and stepping back to watch a child grow and blossom into the unimaginable.


Kara Bouillette, Vice-Chair

Hufft – A Design, Build, and Fabrication Firm
Arts + Cultural Principal


As an architect, Kara has worked on some our nation’s treasured arts buildings such as the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC and Princeton’s Lewis Center for the Arts in collaboration with the award-winning Steven Holl Architects. She is also the recipient of the 2017 AIA National Young Architect Award. In her free time, she enjoys taking in a performance at the Kauffman Center and refereeing and chasing after her 8 and 5 year old.  


Why do you support KCYA?

I grew up in a small rural, agricultural community where the arts were not always accessible or celebrated. I distinctly remember a field trip into the “big city” to a theater production in grade school that completely opened my eyes to the amazing world of live performances and the arts. That moment and opportunity has stuck with me throughout my life and I believe that every child, deserves this same exposure to the arts. That is why I support KCYA.    


Brian Edwards

GEHA, Director, Customer Experience


Kansas City Native, church and civic leader, husband and father of two girls


Why do you support KCYA?

Because of their impact on children’s educational retention through unique approaches and the exposure to the arts they provide to stimulate otherwise untapped potential.



Bernard Hamblin III

American Century Investments, Institutional Reporting; 


Husband and Father


Why do you support KCYA?

I appreciate the arts in my life, and I believe children deserve to be exposed to the arts, so they may find their creative voice.



Jenny Isenberg

Eclectics Gallery, 7015 Oak Street, KCMO. 
Eclectics is an art cooperative so everything is handcrafted. I helped start Eclectics over 25 years ago and have worked in every capacity from being president to painting walls. I particularly enjoy creating the product that I sell in Eclectics from things that are repurposed like cashmere sweaters and old Plaza lightbulbs to work from fused glass and clay. I like to mix it up and enjoy the idea process the most. I believe that my major contribution has been in helping us find creative solutions that have enabled us to thrive through the years. 


I come from a very creative family. My grandmother was a painter and photographer, developing her own photographs in her basement and my mother is an amazing modern painter and was an outside-the-box pre-school teacher and puppeteer for over 40 years. It’s no wonder that I’ve been creating in one form or another for over 60 years. I’ve tried to bestow these gifts to my children, all of whom are creative in their own rights.  


Why do you support KCYA?

I was given the gift of the arts early on. It has molded my life in the most fundamental of ways and has greatly influenced how I look at the world and my ability to solve problems. I have passed this gift on to my children and can see the positive difference that gift has made to them as individuals and in the community. Why wouldn’t I want as many children as possible to benefit from a connection to the arts and what a better organization to impact children through the arts than Young Audiences?



Kristin Raven

Content Author, Waddell and Reed


I’ve had a pretty artsy upbringing. I hold a BFA in Illustration and have been drawing and painting pets’ portraits for over 15 years. I took piano and clarinet as a kid and have dabbled in musical theater, dance and improv over the years. Currently I perform in the KC Women’s Chorus.  


Why do you support KCYA?

Education in the arts creates smarter problem-solvers and is as vital to students’ personal and professional success as any traditional core subjects. 



Sterling P. Stanford

UMB – Human Resources (Associate Relations and Employment Policy development)


I have a passion for movies and live entertainment.  I have a great appreciation for people that can act and transform themselves into complex and amazing characters.  They have the ability to make you feel like you are in a different place and suspend disbelief.  I typically watch a movie at the theater at least once a week.


Why do you support KCYA?

I support KCYA because they are making a positive difference in the lives of children and they do it with pride and passion!



Stacy Stotts

Polsinelli LLC – I am a partner and practice environmental law


Why do you support KCYA?

My kids attended classes and I was impressed with the quality of instruction and the organization’s dedication to promoting the arts in our community.





Lisa Williams

VP, IT Business Planning Management at DST Systems


Why do you support KCYA?

The first time I sang in a choir, drew a picture, wrote a story and danced with my mother in the kitchen, I knew that the arts were an important part of learning.  They teach us creativity, confidence and how to see the world from a different perspective. Every child deserves this advantage in life!  This is why I support KCYA.