Educational IMPacts, Inc


Married 40 years with two fabulous sons, Marty Porter retired after teaching in a deaf-blind classroom, in a resource room for middle school students with hearing impairments, and founding the Children’s Museum of Kansas City, then acting as its Executive Director for twenty years.


Seeing how the school system has devalued creativity of students, she founded Educational Impacts, Inc. and designed a hands-on class emphasizing the value of play through exercises and games that give teachers and artists creative teaching strategies by learning about:


  • The Value of Artists in Preschool, 
  • Creativity & Creative Environments,
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices,
  • The Brain & Learning Theory,
  • Socratic Methodology, 
  • Scaffolding Creatively,
  • Inspiring Life-Long CREATIVITY in Young Children


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