Maryanna Stark Adelman


Maryanna Stark Adelman has earned a B.A. in Theatre from Baker University, B.F.A. in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute and a M.A. in printmaking and painting from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. In addition to teaching with Young Audiences, she currently teaches drawing at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. Maryanna has also taught high school art and theatre as well as led art workshops in early childhood development. She is a practicing artist whose work may be seen locally at the Late Show Gallery and on line at


Her work focuses on abstractions found in nature and everyday life. Color, shape, line and rhythm are the focus while the recognition of the landscape or objects becomes secondary. Perhaps because of her early theatre training, Maryanna sees the printing plate as a stage. The artist and the printmaking process interact on it with dialogue and improvisation. Maryanna encourages her students to experiment with the process. The “happy accidents” that sometimes occur when using unfamiliar materials and techniques creates an image rich with layers and depth.


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