“A key factor in changing American education for the better is to increase high quality arts learning in the lives of young Americans.” – Richard Riley, Former Secretary, US Department of Education


Kansas City Young Audiences arts programs have helped more than 5 million children cultivate artistic expression; unleashing ideas, creativity, and individual problem solving skills – skills that enhance learning in Math, Science, English and History.  Your donation makes a difference!!! 

Comment regarding a School & Community/Arts Partners performance:

“I just wanted to say that this was THE BEST performance I have seen in a long time.  Mr. Shaw was phenomenal.  (Traveling Storyteller by Brad Shaw)  He connected with the students and kept them engaged throughout the entire performance.  He used active engagement strategies, modeled good vocabulary building, and totally captured the audience.”   DeeDee Hines, Principal, Lindbergh Elementary School, Kansas City Kansas School District

Comment from a parent regarding the Community School of the Arts:

“Dear Kim, 
Thank you for providing the wonderful experience of the Space Ballet.   Isaac took so much away from his time in rehearsals and from being on stage.  Increased self confidence and his sense of accomplishment were of as great a value as the physical skills he gained.  All of which have already carried over into his day to day life.  And even with my completely untrained eye, I could see the same was true for the girls (young and older).  KCYA-CSA is important to us as it is the only place in town that we've found that allows Isaac's friends who attend on scholarship to be in class on an equal footing with him.  We are very happy to have found you and to have found you in such a community oriented school.”  Lynisa Robinson (Isaac's mom)