Sharyn Brooks Katzman

A lecture or demonstration with Sharyn Brooks Katzman is dynamic and engaging. Sharyn holds degrees in history and art history, has written art criticism, works for museums and schools, and has a global view from living and working in various European and Asian countries. With experience in curating exhibitions and developing programs, she is attuned to a wide variety of audiences.

Formerly a printmaker, Sharyn creates jewelry and wearable art and loves to teach at all levels. While grounded in academics and tied to curricula, her
experience in local theater infuses her presentations with verve and fun. She is particularly knowledgeable in the fields of women’s studies, African and African-American art, and Native American art and culture. Her programs aid critical and creative thinking, build self-esteem, encourage inquiry, and inspire ongoing study on the part of students.
Programs offered:
Art and Culture of the Plains and Prairie Indians
Greek and Roman Mythology: Goddesses, Monsters, and Heroes
We Wear our Hearts (and Minds) on our Sleeves

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